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A picture is worth a thousand words


The source of the above phrase is not clear but what we do know is that the phrase originates (early 19 century) from America.

Where ever it originates it couldn’t be more descriptive on how we view images in the 21st century! With the advent of technology such as snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc. it is widely felt there is no need for long passages of explanation leaving the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

We adorn the walls of our homes with images, whether they are prints, paintings or photographs. We take those special images with us to work to identify our space, and we ensure relatives have a reminder of home if they are spending time in hospital or residential care etc.

There will always be a need to physically hold an image in our hands, to access it whenever we choose, where ever we choose.

With the advent of digital imagery we are overwhelmed by the amount of images we have, whether you are a professional photographer or a proud parent snapping their family on the beach in North Wales. With so many to choose from we have become more selective about the images we choose to focus on. We discard the ones which haven’t quite made the cut and once decided on we take to the task of looking at how best to display and enhance that particular image. Here at Photech we understand the process each image has gone through to get to us! We feel we continue the journey offering the best development processes, the most experienced technicians, and highest quality products. Our dedicated team works closely with photographers to achieve the required results.

Our personal service allows the perfect progression from receipt through to the final finished product.

Contact us today and together we can turn your chosen image into a beautiful piece of art.

Christmas gift ideas!


We offer an abundance of gift ideas with regard to Christmas presents. Have you been following our #Christmas #giftideas campaigns on twitter and Facebook? Throughout November we have provided suggestions for ideal Christmas presents obtainable from our site. As an extra bonus you can avoid the Christmas shoppers and order on line 24 hours a day in the comfort of your own home!

In case you missed them we have listed a few options from the campaign here.

Acrylic Prints

Love the contemporary look? Acrylic prints are a frameless way to display your images. The image is printed onto Fuji Chrystal archive photographic paper, which is then face mounted onto an acrylic panel using optically clear mount film. Each sheet is edge polished and finally has a sub frame bonded to the back which include picture hook fixings. This provides the impression the panel is floating from the wall. Ideal for portraits, landscapes, and still life,

Acrylic Blocks

Our stunning free standing acrylic blocks make a great – available in 7 x 5 & 9 x 6 inchesThe image is printed on to Kodak Endura photographic paper and then bonded to the back of photo acrylic blocks using optically clear mount film. The block is then finished at the back with a black chalk board laminate. Suitable for portrait or view orientation an acrylic block provides a stylish simplistic statement.

Box Frames

Baby`s first Christmas? A box frame is an ideal present for parents, grandparents or babie's room are extremely popular. The image is printed on Fuji photographic paper, it is then mounted onto 5mm board and a protective heat seal is applied. Finally the mounted print is fixed flush into the box frame, and hanging devices are then attached. An ideal way to display a portrait or family pet this framing method offers a minimalist look similar to a canvas or block mount but at a more affordable price.

Float Mounted Prints

How was summer? Seen spectacular scenery? What about a float mounted print for your travelling companion? The image is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper, and then heat sealed with a satin protective laminate. It is then mounted onto a 5mm solid PVC board in black (white is also available if stipulated). A subframe and hanging device is then added to the back of the mounted print. When hung float mounted prints give the appearance of the mount floating 1 inch from the wall.

Traditional Prints

New arrival in the family? Why not enclose a #photograph with your Christmas cards? Our high quality prints are available in standard gloss, lustre, metallic and high gloss. Choose from a wide variety of sizes from 6×4” up to 30×40”

Use our online digital printing to prolong your summer holiday


It has never been easier to process images. Gone are the days where rolls of film lay languishing in the drawer waiting to be processed or even left in the camera waiting for the next special occasion to provide the opportunity to finish the film!

With the advent of digital imaging came the means to not only view images instantaneously but to develop images faster and easier.

As one of the leading online photo printing companies we offer high quality digital online photo printing services to photographers both professional and amateur.

Available in a wide range of formats for a wide range of purposes there is no excuse not to gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your digital images.

Over the summer months many of us will take our annual holiday, visiting some amazing places and seeing some breath-taking sights. Why not take the opportunity to capture some stunning images and make sure you turn those special memories into pieces of artwork. You will then be able to see them during those dark cold winter months and remind yourself of the fabulous places you have visited!