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canvas photo prints

Canvas photo prints

300x300 - canvas300x300.jpgBPD Photech offers a professional canvas print service. We create high quality canvas photo prints using the latest Epson 8 colour ultra chrome inks and by printing onto high-grade canvas.

We use bespoke redwood 2 inch deep bevelled frames constructed by ourselves, the image is heat sealed for UV and moisture protection prior to stretching.

Frequently asked questions

What image formats do I need to create canvas photo prints?

Canvas is a textured material so it is relatively forgiving with regard to source photo quality Digital files, existing prints (up to A4 size), slides and transparencies or film negatives - we can usually achieve great results from most image formats. Once we have seen your image(s) we can advise on the maximum size of canvas we would recommend.

What is the difference between your canvas and printed ones I can buy in the shops?

With our canvas printing service we produce one-off pieces of art. We ensure the source photo is enhanced for optimum results; we use only the best quality materials - printing inks and canvas. We hand-stretch the canvas over frames we construct ourselves using high quality wood. This results in all the finished canvas photo prints we produce being tough, wipeable and look great for years.

Do you offer canvas photo prints in different effects?

Yes we offer a selection of special effects for canvas printing. In addition to Black and White, we offer Sepia or can make one colour stand out. This is simply a one-off £10 fee per canvas. Talk to us to discuss your ideas.

Will you be able to retouch my image?

When you purchase one of our canvas photo prints, for just a one-off additional £10 fee of per canvas, we offer a selection of advanced photographic effects. This may be a background blur, a focus on a single colour or even change your images into a painted ‘posterized’ look. Talk to us to discuss your ideas.

Are there different styles of canvas?

Our canvases are handmade so you have the option of choosing a finish to suit your taste or the photograph in question. We can wrap the image around the frame or leave a clean white border around the image (see example). Wrapping tends to work well with landscape images and white sides works well with portraits. Choose from white, black, grey, or any colour sampled from the image. We can advise you if you are not sure what will work best for your image.