Photech Ltd


Digital photo printing service

270x270 - 2.jpgLooking for a high quality, convenient professional digital photo printing service?

BPD Photech provides a superior online photo printing facility for photographers across the UK.

Accessible either via our new online print order service or through the post on a choice of CD-ROM/DVD (useful for larger file sized digital orders) our digital photo printing service is second to none.

The process includes file upload and online payment in one easy process.

We are often asked if digital prints are good enough quality for exhibitions, we certainly think so, and so do our professional clients. In fact our digital photo printing service is frequently used to produce the magnificent big glossy photographic prints you see in art galleries.

Our state of the art equipment and team of experienced technicians provide a professional digital photo printing service which delivers time and time again.

Getting consistent results in your photographic printing means knowing things like colour calibration, paper calibration, ambient light, sharpening, colour optimisation, archival inks, and paper choice. We are the experts so you don’t need to be – you just need to send us your digital files and we optimise them for the printers we know inside out.

We offer a wide range of options available to display your images including canvas, block mounted prints, and float mounted prints and traditional prints. Our digital printers output from 6”x4” right up to 30”x20”.

Our quality, consistency, choice and price are what have earned us our remarkable reputation!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to see samples!