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Digital poster printing online

600x764 - 7.jpgDigital imaging was developed in the 1960/70s, and has been continuingly evolving ever since. Largely established to replace operational weaknesses of film camera, digital imaging has provided the means to produce large high quality images suitable for a host of purposes including digital poster printing online.

BPD Photech are one of the leading online photo printing companies offering high quality digital online photo printing services to photographers both professional and amateur.

Our digital poster printing services are extremely popular not only for our corporate clients to use in exhibitions, promotions, marketing, but many are using our digital poster printing service simply as a means to display favourite images.

Perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, new home, anniversaries, retirement there are many other creative ways you can use your photo files.

We ensure we get consistent results in your photographic printing - colour calibration, paper calibration, ambient light, sharpening, colour optimisation, archival inks, paper choice are all things we take into consideration. We are the experts so you don’t need to be, simply send us your digital files and we optimise them for the printers we know inside out.

Will my digital prints be good enough quality for digital poster printing?

We certainly think so, modern digital cameras and the great printing materials we use mean we struggle to tell a digital print from a traditional large format transparency. If you are thinking of transferring your old images/slides into modern digital files with our professional scanning service however, these are likely to be a lower resolution and therefore the quality will be reduced. Please do not hesitate to call us for advice we will happily advise regarding size restrictions of the image.