Photech Ltd

Traditional photo printing

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There still is a demand for traditional photo printing despite the massive developments in digital technology.

As one of the leading online photo printing companies we offer both high quality digital photo printing services as well as traditional photo printing to photographers both professional and amateur.

Prints from film and transparency

Once we receive your images a high resolution scan will be produced on one of our high end film scanners. The image will be cleaned and optimised and a print will be produced on a material of your choice. 

Our traditional photo printing services have altered

Due to the inevitable gradual decline in demand for cibachrome printing from slide and transparency, our traditional photo printing services changed and we decided to cease production late in 2010.

Of course, we certainly were not going to stop this service without having an viable alternative to the traditional enlargement and cibachrome printing process.

Current traditional photo printing

A top quality reproduction scan will be taken from your transparency on one of our high end scanners. We then will optimise and print the image onto Fujiflex, a superb high gloss photographic material with the same polyester base as cibachrome.

We will be offering prints using our ZBE Chromira printer. This is a state of the art photographic printing machine using patented L.E.D. technology to expose the image onto photographic material.

The end result is a stunning photographic print, as good, if not better than a cibachrome print – we are so confident you will be impressed with the results.